Romance Series Review- Sometimes in Love

The past few months I have gotten the opportunity to read each book in the Sometimes in Love romance series by Melonie Johnson. The first book, Getting Hot with the Scot, was published in April, the second book Smitten by the Brit in May, and the third and final book, Once Upon a Bad Boy in June. Instead of writing full and separate posts for each book, I decided to try a little series summary.

If you are unaware with romance novels, then the way that their series work will be a bit foreign to you. Unlike most book series, romance novel series are more multiple books in the same universe than a story that told over a series of novels. What I love about romance novel series is that they really let you live in the world and get to know each secondary character.

Getting Hot with the Scot.jpg

This series, like I mentioned, starts with Getting Hot with the Scot. This novel not only serves to tell Cassie’s love story, but to introduce you to everyone. Cassie and her four friends Bonnie, Sadie, Ana and Delaney are on a once in a lifetime European trip. I immediately connected to this because my friend Bonnie and I took a similar type of trip a few years ago. The story takes place during the end of their trip in Scotland. Cassie runs into a Scotsman in a castle wearing a kilt and talking with a true Scottish brogue. Since she has made it a goal to sleep with a foreigner while on their trip, she immediately kisses him. Little does she know, this isn’t just any Scotsman, but Logan Reid, a host of a prank-based web series.

Overall, this book was very cute and definitely got me sucked into the series. Johnson did a great job of laying the groundwork for the second book romance with Bonnie and Logan’s friend Theo. I liked Cassie and Logan together and liked reading about their story, but I found myself more interested in her friends. I also was a bit surprised at how quickly they left Scotland. Either way, it was definitely a BORROW book and it piqued my interest to continue the series.

The second book in the series was Smitten by the Brit. I was very excited to read this one because I really liked Bonnie in the first book. I could tell that this book was going to focus on her breaking up with Gabe, her fiancé, and getting together with Theo. While I feel like these types of stories can sometimes feel sad or stale, Johnson did a great job. She hit the perfect balance between feeling sad for Bonnie about losing the relationship and the future she thought she was going to have and the excitement of finding someone new. I also liked that there was some focus on Bonnie’s career and life. The only part that I was a little meh on was Theo and his family. His attitude behind having to save his family made sense, but for some reason it didn’t quite connect with me. Looking back on the series as a whole, I think that this might be my favorite of the three.

Once upon a bad boy.jpg

The final book in the series was Once Upon a Bad Boy. Honestly, this was the book in the series I was looking forward to least. I hadn’t really connected to Sadie in the previous books, and she was not my top choice to follow. Sadie is an actress and she is getting her big break. When her high school boyfriend shows up on set as the stunt coordinator, she feels like fate has brought her back to where she needs to be. Like I said, I’m not a huge fan of Sadie and I honestly didn’t like Bo, the male interest, much either. The beginning of the story was ok for me, but the longer the story went on the less I liked it. There was also a story line of “big event that happened in the past that as hidden but comes back to bite the character in the butt” that I didn’t like at all. I wanted to just flip by it, but I couldn’t. I think what bummed me out the most about this book is that I liked all of the other girls from the other books, and they really weren’t in this one. Unfortunately, this book was a miss for me, but I still liked the series overall.

Do you have any favorite romance series?

Summer of Travel

This summer I am so lucky to have the opportunity to be traveling a ton. I am going on an Alaskan Cruise and I will be visiting Israel. Because of that, my blogging will be a little sparse. I have tried to pre-schedule a few reviews so that there will (hopefully) be at least one a week to come out on my travels. I won’t have reliable internet access on my travels and I am also choosing to not worry about it because I want to be in the moment.

I know that anyone reading this will be completely understandable. I also hope to make a few posts after my trips sharing which items were my favorite ones to travel with and which ones I should’ve left at home.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and thank you for being understanding and for reading my blog!