Reading Slump

I think it's finally time to admit... I'm in a bit of a reading slump.

In case you haven't noticed, my blogging has been pretty sparse lately. I've been blaming it on being stressed and busy (trips and moves), but I think it's about time that I just come out and say that I'm slumped.

I'm so bummed that I have hit a reading slump, as the summer is usually my favorite time of year for reading. I usually inhale summer YA's like it's my job. Unfortunately, this year I just can't seem to get in the swing of it. I read a book and instead of flying through it in a matter of a day or two while lounging at the pool, it takes me a week or more. I find myself gravitating towards Netflix more than a book and I'm a little annoyed at myself because of it.

I don't know if it's that I've just been picking bad books or if it is a combination of being stressed that is making reading less enjoyable. I'm hoping that by finally admitting that I'm slumped, I can move past it. 

I've also been slacking on my two reading challenges. I'm 5 books behind on my Goodreads challenge and I've been meaning to do an update on the Uppercase Reading Challenge, but I haven't actually made any progress on that one since the last update.

But, instead of allowing myself to continue to be ashamed of my lack of reading and blogging, I am going to shout it out now. I am in a reading slump and that's ok!! I will get out of it. I will put down books that don't spark me! And, I will hopefully have a few non-book related (beauty and buy related) blog posts for you all next week :)

Kut from the Kloth Fall Collection

I was recently contacted to have a sneak peek at the fall collection for Kut from the Kloth. If you don't know about this brand, here is a little blurb that they sent me:

"Embodying the spirit of California, Kut from the Kloth is a vibrant, contemporary lifestyle brand.  With innovative fabrics, a flawless fit and sophisticated style, the Kut collection is designed with your busy life in mind, so you can confidently go from day to play. Our premium quality denim is as diverse as you, “kut” for your body at a great price and made with the best value and quality. We are passionate about creating exclusive LA-inspired, fashion-forward looks that are made with love just for you. #LoveLife.  Keep up with our latest fashion finds at, and follow @KutFromTheKloth on Instagram to see how we #LoveLife."

I own a pair of jeans and a pair of black knit pants from them and I love them so much. Both of their pants are super comfortable with a lot of stretch. The first pair that I own is black and skinny. They are my go-to pair for when I'm going out, or for when I have parent meetings at work. Or, honestly, if I'm having a fat day and know that I need something that is comfortable and going to make me look put together I reach for them. That pair is the Jennifer Ultra Skinny, which I don't think is being made.

The other pair that I own is the Catherine Boyfriend in a lighter wash. I couldn't find the exact pair that I have, but this is the closest that I could find. This was the first pair of boyfriend cut jeans that I tried, and I loved the way that they fit.

Now, I have never tried any of their tops, but this fall collection is definitely making me want to try some immediately. Here is the press release for their fall collection:

Fall in Love with Fashion That Perfectly Fits and Flatters Your Body

Couture-worthy, coastal-inspired designs from contemporary lifestyle brand Kut from the Kloth, celebrate the versatile side of fall and the value of your dollar

LOS ANGELES, California : This Fall, bold is the name of the game, and Kut from the Kloth ( you covered. With a fresh new collection, alive with vibrant prints and contrasting textures, plus a new line of couture-quality, hand-crafted Premium Heritage denim, Kut takes you to the next level of style and comfort all season long. Kut from the Kloth outfits the modern-day fashionista, bringing to life versatile, coastal-inspired pieces, expertly tailored to compliment every part of your body and conform to every part of your non-stop schedule. As the weather turns chilly in fall and the start of school brings a familiar return to routines, LA’s favorite lifestyle brand releases an all-new line of vibrant contemporary sportswear designed to take you from day to play. 

The rich colors of the fall season infuse an electric pop into every eye-catching piece from Kut from the Kloth, while functional layers of delicate floral, cozy cable-knit, and vegan fur trim keep you toasty warm. Make a serious statement in the fitted Rafaella Blazer, softly silhouetted against a mid-rise, Catherine Boyfriend cut jean and chunky-heel boots. The open-collared leather Orla Jacket adds a smooth, old-school vibe to the airy and ultra-feminine Odelline Shirt in romantic shades of pink and ivory. Playfully decorated denim features buttons, sequins and embroidery in classic shapes and flawless cuts, while neon trim, colorful lettering and plaid accents add elements of on-trend street style in fits that flatter every silhouette. 

No fall wardrobe is complete without Kut from the Kloth Premium Heritage denim. Brand new this season, your favorite fashion staple gets a high-voltage upgrade with eco-friendly, rich azure washes formulated without chemicals or harsh dyes and crafted right in the heart of LA. Designed to inspire your everyday style, Premium Heritage denim is the perfect centerpiece for bold statements or casual play. Each stunning pair is carefully detailed and hand-distressed in true couture fashion to become more authentic with every wear - and starting at just $108, they’re the perfect fit for you and your budget. 

This Fall, Kut from the Kloth has all of the hottest fashion looks at a surprisingly cool price point, offering true value to their customer. Visit for your complete fall wardrobe inspiration, brimming with couture-inspired, high-fashion style you need to stay on-trend and on-budget. While you’re there, make sure to sign up with your email to be the first to know about new releases and get $20 in Kut cash to spend any way you like. Plus, enjoy free ground delivery (within the US) and free exchanges or returns within 30 days. Get your hands on the bold fall fashion trends now at and start earning points today toward future purchases.

If you are looking for a new pair of jeans, I highly recommend checking out Kut from the Kloth. They may be a little pricey, but they are comfortable, fit great, and wear wonderfully throughout the day and over time. 

Cruelty Free Beauty

A few months ago my friends and I were talking about how they were looking into witching to more natural products in their lives. Mostly regarding skincare and makeup, but some other items as well. This got me thinking about the products that I use. I have a bit of a conflict when it comes to natural products. Yes, I do think that natural is probably better for you, but I feel like a lot of the unnatural products get a bad reputation. I’m a full believer in everything in moderation, so while I didn’t think going only natural products would be the right choice for me, I decided that I would make an effort to switch to cruelty free products.

Funnily enough, a lot of the cruelty free products end up being natural, but that wasn’t my intention. I am a big animal lover, and this seemed like an easy change I could make in my lifestyle to help support companies who love animals as much as I do. I did give myself a few exceptions, such as the items I get as samples either with purchase or as a part of the Sephora box, or items that are holy grail products for me. For example, my hair has taken me years to master, so I am not going to even play with that.

It has been both easy and hard making the switch. There are a lot more companies out there than I expected that are cruelty free which has made it a little easier. I have also discovered new brands which has been a lot of fun. The hardest part has been learning that brands that I have used and loved, such as Estee Lauder and NARS, are not cruelty free. For me, this means no longer using them as my go-to brands if I can find a product that works just as well from a cruelty free company.

Also, I am not going crazy. I know that some people are strict with what they use and don’t and will go as far as not using any products form companies that are owned by a parent company that isn’t cruelty free, even if that specific branch is. At this time, I am not making that drastic of a lifestyle change.

My point in sharing all this with you is that I have recently changed my skin care routine, and plan on doing an update on that soon. My skin has been looking pretty great though, if I do say so myself!

 Have you ever made lifestyle changes to your beauty routine?


I don't know if I've ever explicitly mentioned this on the blog, but I work full time as a speech pathologist in the schools. My school year is ending on June 7th, so there's a lot of end of the year stuff that I am trying to get in order. Because of that, this will be a quiet space for the next week. I just wanted to post a little something so you didn't think I forgot about you!

Thanks for the patience :)