Revlon Colorstay Eye Products Review

Thanks to Crowdtap, I received a Revlon Colorstay Exactify Liner in Intense Black ($11.99) and Colorstay Brow Mousse in Dark Brown ($11.99). Each product has a bit of a gimmick to it, so I was excited to try them out.

Revlon eye products.jpg

Let’s start with the liner. Instead of having a brush or a pen tip, this liquid liner has a tiny wheel. It is meant to give your liner a thin, smooth, exact line every time you use it. When I run it on my hand, it does exactly that. However, on my eyes it’s a bit more difficult. I’m sure that I will get the hang of it with practice, but my biggest issue is not getting close enough to me lash line.

When I use it, I make a nice thin line but then there is a gap between my liner and m lash line. Since I then have to go back, the line ends up being thicker than I really wanted it to. The staying power is great though!

Revlon brush and wheel.jpg

Moving on to the brow mousse. The brush is a plastic brush, similar to a mascara wand. You twist the bottom for the product to come out onto the brush. Since the brush is plastic, it doesn’t really spread onto it, but just sits between some of the bristles. This was probably my biggest issue with the product. It just caused more of the mousses than I wanted to come out onto my brows.

Luckily, the brush works really well to disperse the product, so it didn’t cause any major issues. Just that my brows wound up a bit darker and fuller than I wanted them to. The best part about this product is that it keeps my brows soft. I’ve tried a few products similar to this that make them feel crunchy and that isn’t pleasant. I just would prefer if it was a dipping into a tube type of product instead of twisty.

Overall, they're good products, but not great for me personally. If you're looking for a product like these, then I would say they're solid and you should check it out. If you're just looking to try them out, then that's up to you! I don't personally see these as a must buy.