8 Books I'm Most Excited for in 2018

Until I started blogging, I was never really aware of upcoming books, with the exception of books that were a part of a series. Now, I hear about books decently far in advance, so there is definitely a list of those that I start to look forward to. I do love the anticipation of a book I’m excited for, so let me share that excitement with you! I did try to find 10 that I was looking forward to, but I only got to 8. Whoops! At least 8 is my lucky number.

2018 Books 1.jpg

8. The Elizas- Sara Shephard- This is an adult debut of Shephard’s who is the author of Pretty Little Liars. It sounds like an interesting mystery and I did enjoy the first few books of the PLL series (even though I never watched the TV show). I only recently heard about this one which is why it’s a little lower on my list. Publishing in April 2018

7. My Oxford Year- Julia Whelan- I am a sucker for books about studying abroad, especially ones in England. It also seems like it had a hate to love relationship which I am also a sucker for. This is a debut and it is described as being for fans of Nicholas Sparks and JoJo Moyes. While they’re not my favorite authors, I do love the movies based off of both Sparks’ and Moyes’ books, so I’m hoping this one will be fun. It’s also already been purchased to be made into a movie, so it’ll be fun to be ahead of the game for this one. Publishing in April 2018

6. The Way You Make Me Feel- Maureen Goo- This book popped up on my twitter feed and the cover totally sucked me in. It’s about a girl who is sentenced to working on her dad’s food truck for the summer alongside a classmate that she doesn’t like. Remember how I mentioned I’m a sucker for hate to love tropes? Add in summer romance and I am all in! The hate to love is a bit different in this one as it’s with a female classmate, so it’ll be a bit more of a friendship love, but I’m always looking for a good friendship story! Publishing May 2018

5. By The Book- Julia Sonneborn- A modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Anne Corey is working towards tenure until Adam Martinez (her first love and ex-fiance) shows up as the new president of the college where she works. Books, love, and a Jane Austen retelling. Can I ask for more? Publishing February 2018

2018 Books 2.jpg

4. The Wedding Date- Jasmine Guillory- “Agreeing to go to a wedding with a guy she gets stuck with in an elevator is something Alexa Monroe wouldn’t normally do.”- That right there is why I’m excited for this book. It sounds exactly like the beginning to a cheesy Hallmark movie and that makes me so excited. It’s another debut, so I’m hoping that it will add a new author to my list of ones I love. Publishing January 2018

3. The Queen of Hearts- Kimmery Martin- This book was actually brought to my attention when I was asked to review it. It’s about two woman who became best friends in medical school. They’re now married and enjoying their lives until a secret is unearthed from their past. Friendship plus a little bit of mystery just sounds intriguing. And for some reason, even though I have a decent amount of review for the beginning of the year, this is the one I’m most looking forward to. Publishing February 2018

2. The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hynotik- David Arnold- I have greatly enjoyed two of Arnold’s previous novels (Mosquitoland and The Kids of Appetite) so this was added to me list before looking at the summary. Then I read an interview he gave about the book and was hooked. It sounds so different from anything that I’ve ever read and I don’t think Arnold will disappoint. Publishing May 2018

1. Save the Date- Morgan Matson- Yay!!! A new Morgan Matson book! She is one of my favorite authors and I was beyond excited to see she was coming out with a new one in 2018. It’s about a wedding that is pretty much pure chaos. Honestly, I don’t care what it’s about. It’s by Matson so I know I will love it! Publishing June 2018

That’s my list of books I’m looking forward to for next year! Anything that you’re looking forward to? Are any of these books on your list?