Mini Candle and Skin Care Haul

ephora’s Beauty Insider sale started on April 20th, and I decided that I needed to go. Bath and Body Works was also having a candle sale, which of course I couldn’t resist.

This year, one of Sephora’s birthday gifts was from Caudalie. It included the Vinoperfect Radiance serum and moisturizer. I have fallen in love with the Vinoperfect serum and decided that having 10% off with the sale was the perfect time to but the full size since it’s a bit expensive ($79 full size). 

The Vinoperfect Radiance serum is meant to even skin tone and texture, lighten dark spots, and brighten skin. It is made with an ingredient called viniferine that is from grapevine sap and is meant to be more powerful than Vitamin C. It also claims that if it is put on under sunscreen that the ingredients will give you a more even tan. While I don’t know about the tan (as it is only April), it has brightened and evened my skin tone for sure. I originally thought that I wasn’t going to like it because of the consistency and because of the price, but my skin tone has definitely evened out since using it. I often have difficulty with spots and redness and this has helped so much. Because it doesn’t have anti-aging properties, I will probably continue to use my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair as well. In fact, I might actually start using the Estee Lauder at night and use Caudalie during the day.

While I was there, I also got sucked in by the Sephora facemasks. They’re so bright and colorful that I couldn’t resist. This time I picked up the pomegranate sleeping mask. The only kind of odd thing (that I didn't know until I got it home) is that it seems like it's a bit of a jelly texture. This should be interesting as a mask and I’m really looking forward to trying it out as it says it’s supposed to awaken your skin and is only $4. 

I’ve been trying to be better about using up candles, so I haven’t purchased many lately. I used up a bunch of my winter ones and a few of my more summery ones, so I finally allowed myself to buy new ones with their $10 off candle sale. I also had a coupon for $10 off of $30 which made my candles only $10 a piece.

One of my favorite candles is the Love, Heart, & Flowers candle. Unfortunately, it was limited edition and I only purchased 2 at the time. Last year, since they didn’t bring back the Love candle, I bought the Baja Cactus Flower candle and fell in love. This year, I went with the intentions to repurchase the newly renamed Cactus Flower and to find a candle as similar to the Love candle as possible. After smelling almost every candle in the shop, I came to the conclusion that Endless Weekend was as lose as I could possibly get. It has a slight sunscreen smell which I greatly enjoy.

Well, that’s it for my mini-haul! Did you purchase any items at the Sephora sale?