I'm Back!

Hi Everyone! I'm back!

I know that my blog has been down for a few months now and I wanted to apologize. Here's what happened. When I started my blog, I was originally hosted by Bluehost and that is where my blog has been for 3 years. This past year, I have been having nothing but trouble with Bluehost and Weebly through Bluehost. As a result, I decided to start looking into switching to a different hosting site. This then came with a whole host of problems I didn't expect.

While it was simple enough to switch my domain, switching the content of my site has been a completely different story. It turns out, that there is no easy way to do this from the way I had it set up. 

As you may (or may not) have noticed, there is a lot of content missing from my site currently. I will be slowly transferring my previous content to this new set up over time. I'm hoping it will be completely transferred by the end of the summer and I plan on posting new content while doing so. I do apologize if some of the older content isn't formatted exactly the same as the new content, but I'm doing the best I can.

I hope that you like the new site and that you will forgive my absence and continue to read my future posts. Here's hoping to a fresh start and getting back to consistent content.