August 2016 Favorites


Little Women By: Louisa May Alcott (Book Club Review)

Truly Madly Guilty By: Liane Moriarty (Review)

Can I See You Again? By: Allison Morgan (Review)

How We Met By: Katy Regan

A Study in Charlotte By: Brittany Cavallaro

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo By: Amy Schumer

First & Then By: Emma Mills

Favorite Book I Read This Month

My favorite book this month was First & Then. At first I worried it was my favorite since it was the most recent book I read, but I really enjoyed it. I finished it in one sitting and would pick it up again soon! It revolves heavily around high school football which I loved. It is Mills' debut book and she does an amazing job. I can't wait to read what else she writes and post my review!


Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality 2-in-1 Foaming Cleanser ($30)

I have a few deluxe samples of this cleanser and it tends to be the one I grab when I go on trips. However, I have never used it for more than 3-4 days at a time. This trip, I used it for a little over 2 weeks and my skin loved it! It has pomegranate in it and it smells really nice. I will warn that you don’t want to get this one in your eyes as it will burn. I’m glad that I have a few more samples of these and I might end up using them for my everyday facewash now!

Dior Diorshow Color and Contour Eyeshadow and Liner Duo

I bought this at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I love it! The color is a beautiful pale lilac and the eyeliner is a pretty dark purple. Both sides are really smooth and creamy and don’t budge once you put them on. The cream shadow doesn’t dry out throughout the day or crease. It definitely stays better if you use a primer, but you don’t have to use one. Unfortunately, this was a limited edition product and is no longer available. However, if they come out with another one around the holidays or at any other time, I highly recommend checking them out.


Blowfish Granola Fisherman Sandals (Price varies depending on color)

Towards the end of the school year, one of my coworkers bought these sandals in black. I thought they were super cute and she said they were really comfortable. I have been looking for a pair of strappy brown sandals forever, so I decided to copy her (no worries as we do it all the time) and buy a pair in brown. Oh my goodness they are so comfortable! I will say they run pretty true to size. I’m usually between a 6 and a 7 in shoes, but a 6.5-7 in sandals. I bought these in a 7 and they fit perfectly. The leather on the straps is really soft and doesn’t rub at all. The bottoms are also very comfortable and thicker than a lot of other sandals I own. I wore these for entire days of lots of walking on the trip and had no issues. Highly recommend them if you are looking for new sandals. They come in a bunch of different colors too!

Ray-Ban Sunglasses
I have been wanting a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for a long time but I've always been reluctant to pay for them. My husband recently decided to treat me to a pair as he wanted me to have a pair of sunglasses that were polarized. The lucky thing at the time was that if you purchased any pair of polarized sunglasses at Sunglass Hut you got a second pair for $75 off. Even though I swore I didn't need a second pair, the first pair I had fallen in love with were not polarized so my wonderful husband bought me two pairs. I'm a lucky girl. I have been wearing both pairs non-stop. I brought both pairs on my trip and rotated them. The top pair is brown and is a small version of the Wayfarer style. I can't remember the name of the style of the black pair. 



I spent 16 days traveling the UK and Ireland with one of my best friends, hence the absence of posts on the blog. It was so much fun and it was the trip of a lifetime. We traveled all over and saw so many things. It was one of those trips where I fell in love with everywhere we went, but we did so much that if I can’t get back there, I won’t feel unfulfilled.


Who hasn’t loved the Olympics? I got back to the states right as the Olympics were starting and became obsessed. I watched pretty much all day and then the primetime at night. There have been so many historical occurrences in this Olympics and I’ve been loving it. The only thing I haven’t been loving is how NBC has been covering the Olympics, but I have issues with that every year and I won’t let that take away from my enjoyment of the games themselves.