Mini Sephora Haul

In a week I am taking a vacation with one of my friends to England and Ireland. To prepare I stopped into Sephora to pick up a few things. I went into Sephora specifically to pick up some oil blotting sheets. While we aren’t going to hot countries, we will be walking around a lot and probably getting shiny. Definitely not good for pictures. While there I, of course, got sucked into a few things.

First, I purchased the Sephora Collection Mattifying Blotting Films ($10).

There are only 50 papers per packet which is less than I thought they would have. These papers are meant to blot the oil from your skin without removing any makeup. They’re also meant to soothe the skin. 

Second, I purchased the Sephora Collection Calming Natural Tea Tree Blotting Papers ($8).

There were a bunch of blotting papers that had extra ingredients and I had a hard time choosing. The nice thing is that these ones have 100 sheets and are $2 less than the mattifying ones. I picked the tea tree papers because tea tree oil is meant to help calm the skin and help with blemishes. I’ve used these a few times and so far I really like them.

As anyone knows who has walked into Sephora, they have a bunch of adorable travel size items leading up to the checkout. Before my honeymoon, I found Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths at TJ Maxx for $3 for a 10 cloth pack. I had never used them prior, so I only purchased 2 packs, even though I should’ve purchased more. I ended up really liking them and felt a pull to purchase more for my upcoming trip. The orange scent is super refreshing which is great when you’re feeling jetlagged. This time, I found the 10 cloth pack at Sephora for $8, which is more than I pay for a full pack of Simple makeup wipes. But you know what? Every once in a while you have to…

Finally, with 100 of my Sephora points I got another sample size of the Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream. I received a sample of it in one of my Play by Sephora beauty boxes and I like it a lot. I figured this would be a great way to have an easy travel eye cream, especially in case my first one runs out!