Old Navy Haul

Summer time means time for new tops and shorts! I find that every summer my closet is missing something essential. Last year, I felt like I had only solid t-shirts and needed ones with patterns. Now I feel like I only own patterned shirts and needed solids. I also wanted a few tanks to get me through the hotter months of summer.

I have a few store websites that I check out frequently, even though I don’t typically buy anything from them. Old Navy is one of those stores. I’ll often flip through the pages of new arrivals and see a few cute things but nothing worth my time. This time, I saw so many cute tees and tanks that I knew I needed to stop in. Luckily, the day that I decided to go they were having a 60% off sale! This was totally coincidental but worked out in my favor. I also had a $10 rewards from Gap that could be used at Old Navy.

The first thing that I got was what I went in looking for- solid tees. I tried on solid t-shirts in practically every fit; boyfriend, relaxed, fitted, and they are honestly all so different. For me, the style that fit best was the relaxed fit. I was super excited because they were all on sale for $8 (typically $12.94)! I picked up a few different colors. Below is me wearing the neon pink.

I also purchased a bright orangey/peachy and an olive green. I’m excited for these because the pink and orange will be great for the spring and summer, and the olive will be great year round. 

On my way to the register I, of course, had to stop and peek at the jewelry. I am a sucker for an inexpensive statement necklace. I’m a big believer that adding the right accessory can really make your outfit. It just adds a little more and makes it look like you put a lot of thought into it, when really you didn’t. This one is a lot of fun and unlike anything I own. It was on sale for $6.50.

The next thing that I found was a tank top. Again, they have these in all different fits so it’s difficult to know which will look best. Personally, I really liked the boyfriend style with the tank. It fit me the best in the underarms and the straps which is the most difficult part to fit for me. This was also on sale for $8 (typically $15.94). 

While looking around, I also found a cute pair of tribal print shorts. I have been searching for a cute pair of printed shorts since last summer. I bought a pair at Target last year, but when I tried them on at home, they just didn’t look good. I love that this pair has some subtle neon running through it but can be toned down with a neutral top. These were on sale for $ (typically $19.94) Below are the shorts paired with the boyfriend tank.

The tank below is one that I saw on the website and specifically wanted to try. I like that it is white (which I typically stay away from) but has the pattern on it to make it a little more interesting. I think that this one can also be work appropriate under a nice cardigan.

The final thing that I bought (but didn’t take a picture of) was a pair of work out capris.

Overall this trip was a huge success! There was one tank that I went to the store with the desire to try on that they didn’t have in my size, but it’s not the end of the world. If you’re looking for some nice summer basics, I would highly recommend checking out Old Navy. The t-shirts that I got are all a really decent quality. They don’t feel like they only cost $8. They also have some nice trendy pieces that are inexpensive. If there’s a trend that I want to try, I prefer not to spend a lot of money on it since it won’t be a piece that I’ll keep for years to come.

Have you bought any fun summer things lately?