Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

Last summer I had finished up a face cream and was looking for a replacement. While I did like the one I had just finished, I was curious if I could find something just as good but maybe a little less expensive. I also love trying new products. While staying at my friend’s house, she told me that she loved the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream ($45) and she let me try it for the weekend. I loved it! However, it didn’t have an SPF included. Because of that (and because I was a little strapped for cash at the time), I purchased the Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Face Cream (which I ended up loving).

Fast forward 8 months later and I’m still thinking about the Fresh Face cream and wanting to buy it! I decided to find a separate SPF and purchase the face cream to use. 

Since I’ve mentioned it a few times already, I will start off by saying the biggest downside of this lotion is that it doesn’t have an SPF included in it. As a relatively lazy beauty enthusiast, I prefer my products to be multi-purpose. This produce then has caused me to add an extra step to my morning routine, but it’s not the end of the world.

The no SPF is honestly the only issue that I’ve found with this product so far!

The packaging is beyond beautiful. It’s a heavy frosted glass that just feels like luxury when you use it. Considering the product is $45, I appreciate that the packaging matches (if not exceeds) the price. However, I’m sure the packaging is part of the reason that this product is as expensive as it is. If it was in plastic it would most likely be less expensive, but the superficial part of my personality just loves the glass.

The scent is very nice as well. It’s so light it’s almost undetectable which is wonderful for face products. The scent, as you would expect, is a very light floral scent. When I open the jar I just smell something that makes my brain go “hmm… that smells pretty” but it’s so subtle that my brain doesn’t even seem to register exactly what it is. I really enjoy it.

The texture is very light and almost a cross between a cream and a serum. It’s not as thick as a cream, but isn’t watery. It massages into the skin quickly and it doesn’t leave any kid of residue. Unlike some of the other creams I’ve tried, it also doesn’t pill when you combine it with other products. Another positive about this product is that makeup applies very smoothly on top of it. I haven’t had any issues after using this cream. I will warn that you don’t need a lot of the product, so don’t apply liberally. A little bit goes a long way, which (hopefully) means the product will last a long time.

Most importantly, my skin feels hydrated throughout the day. After using it, I don’t feel any remaining tightness in my skin. It feels soft and helps even my toughest dry patches. I can’t weigh in on any of the anti-aging claims, lotus is claimed to condition the skin, hydrate a moisturize, increase skin elasticity, erase fine lines and brown spots, balance oily skin, and prevent acne and breakouts.

While I’ve only had this product for about a week, I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a small splurge. It’s by no means as expensive as a lot of other products, but is on the pricier side.