Top Ten TBR for Summer 2016

I definitely have a specific taste of books that I love to read in the summer. Because of that, I sometimes find myself saving books specifically to read during the summer months. Usually these are books with pretty, summery colors that are pretty light/easy to read.  While cleaning out my to-be-read (TBR) list I started to get excited by a bunch of books I had on my list that knew I wanted to read over the summer, prompting me to make this list!

Open Road Summer By: Emery Lord- When this book first came out a few years ago I had no desire to read it. Yes, everyone was raving about it, but for some reason it didn’t appeal to me. Hen for book club we read The Start of My and You which I really enjoyed. Between the cover and knowing that Lord is an author I enjoyed, I know this will be a great summer read!

The Unexpected Everything By: Morgan Matson- Oh my goodness you guys, I am so excited for this book! Last summer I devoured all of Matson’s books. When I found out she was coming out with a new one in May, I knew I wanted to save it for my summer reading. Her books always have great characters as well as great covers. Plus, she’s the first author to ever make me cry!

The List By: Siobhan Vivian- This book ended up on my TBR for Summer list mostly because it has been on my Goodreads TBR list for a long time. I want to make it a goal to knock off a few books because otherwise why are they still on there? This book looks cute and I think it’s going to be a good light book that I will whip through in a day at the pool. I also listened to Siobhan on a panel at BookCon and she seems so great! If I ever needed persuading to read one of her books, listening to her speak was all I needed!

Emmy & Oliver By: Robin Begay- Another book that’s been on my TBR list for a while that I’m going to finally read. It’s one of those books that’s maybe a little darker than what I usually read in the summer but every time I see it on my list I want to read it but get distracted by other books.

The Summer After You and Me By: Jennifer Salvato Doktorski- This is one of those books that got added to the list based on cover and title alone. Add to the fact that this is about a girl who lives on the Jersey Shore and starts a romance with a tourist there for the summer? Sold! This is exactly the kind of book I love to read in the summer that just seems to not fit during the rest of the year.

The Life Intended By: Kristen Harmed- Another BEAUTIFUL cover (sense a theme?). This book has been popping up all over the place for me for some reason and I think I’m going to settle down and read it this summer. This book is a little heavier that most of the other books on this list, but it is nice to break things up a bit. Life Intended follows a woman who lost her husband 10 years ago and is about to get remarried when her first husband starts to show up in her dreams. There’s a definite possibility this will be a tear jerker!

First & Then By: Emma Mills- This book ended up on my TBR from the Debut Author Challenge last year. Unfortunately, with all of the wedding prep it got lost. This story is about a high schooler with a love of football. While it may seem more like something I’d read during the fall (because I tend to love my summer books taking place in the summer), I think it will be fun to read.

Boys of Summer By: Jessica Brody- While the cover may make this book look like everything else on this list, it’s definitely different and I’m excited! This book is actually told from the perspective of three boys! I haven’t read a summer novel that is solely told from the guys’ perspective so I’m really excited to read this one and switch things up.

Love & Gelato By: Jenna Evans Welch- This book is a Debut Author Challenge book for this year! The main character gets to spend the summer in Italy. Who doesn’t want to read a book about Italy, romance, and gelato during the summer?

1984 By: George Orwell- In addition to spending my summers reading light, fun, summer romance novels, I like to take time to read books that would take too much brain power to read during the school year when I have so much else I’m focusing on. This summer I’m going to finally tackle 1984! It’s a classic that I’ve wanted to read for a while and I’ve always felt like I didn’t have the energy. Hopefully this summer I will!

Do you have any books on your must read list for this summer?