Travel Essentials

Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of travel. I thought it would be kind of fun to do a quick look at what I consider my beauty travel essentials that I bring in my carry-on. 95% of the time I only travel with a carry-on. The exception to this rule is when I travel internationally (which doesn’t happen often), so I thought I would do my travel size skin care essentials.

The first thing I always pack are make-up wipes. I like having them on hand for the plane as well as hotels. I tend to change the brands I have but the ones I most recently packed were the Ole Henrickson Truth To Go/The Clean Truth Cleansing Wipes (I found these on sale at TJ Maxx and I love them!) and the Simple Eye Makeup Remover Wipes. While I don’t think the eye ones are essential, I do find that I use so much of the big makeup wipes to remove my eye makeup that it just makes my life easier to have separate ones.

The other makeup remover that I pack is usually a travel size Estee Lauder Cleanser. Lately I’ve been grabbing my Nutritious Radiant Vitality 2-in-1 foam cleanser because it works as both a cleanser and a mask. It also smells so nice and doesn’t break my skin out. The other cleanser that I’ve brought with a few times and love is Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying mask. This is another one that doubles as both a cleanser and a mask, but I don’t like the smell or consistency as much as the Nutritious one.

For my eyes, I like to make sure my Arbonne Calm Soothing Eye gel. The reason I love this on specifically for traveling is that it’s hands free (no germs yay!) and the roller ball really helps with tired puffy eyes. It settles in quickly and feels great as a refresher before you get off the plane.

I also really like to use the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. These are my saviors when I am either on a flight or right after I get off of the flight. They really help to wake up my eyes and feel refreshed. It’s an extra step to the roller ball eye gel for when you have really long trips. 

Finally, for moisturizer I bring my travel sizes of the Estee Lauder Day Wear with SPF 15. I really like Estee Lauder skin care and they are really great about giving travel sizes of their products when you purchase from them. Because of that I really love grabbing their products when I travel. I know that my skin loves them and it won’t cause my skin to freak.

Serum wise, I just bring a travel size version of my every day serum which is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. 

What skin care products do you pack in your carry-on? Is there a product you can’t live without when you travel?  

What skin care products do you pack in your carry-on? Is there a product you can’t live without when you travel?