wet n wild 1 step wonder gel

While at Walgreens recently, I decided to check out nail polish. I hadn’t bought any in a while and decided I wanted a light pink. In the wet n wild section, I spotted a new 1 step gel polish. I have previously tried a few other non-light needed gel polishes with not so great results, but decided since this was only $4.99, I would give it a try. Wet n wild is 3-free, without the use of formaldehyde, toluene, or phthalates.

The wet n wild polish claims to work like a gel polish without a special top coat needed and without a light needed. The company claims that this color will provide you with color and shine for up to 2 weeks. I picked up the color Pinky Swear and decided to give it a try this week for Valentine’s Day.

Now, I didn’t fully expect that this polish would last 2 weeks without a chip, but I had hoped that the formula would allow me maybe 5 days without a chip. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Looking back, I might’ve misinterpreted the point of this nail polish, but if they’re calling it a gel, I expect for that to mean lower likelihood of chipping, not just a longer lasting shine. Any nail polish can last on your nails for up to 2 weeks if you’re not counting chipping.

The first issue that I had with this polish was the application. I found that I needed 2 coats (as I do with most nail polishes) but that it bubbled as it dried. I know this can happen when you shake a bottle or if you’re sitting in a very warm environment. Neither of those was the case during my application. 

The color is pretty, and I did like that the polish was shiny without a topcoat. These were probably the only two pluses to this nail polish.

It only lasted about a day before I got my first chip and that was after I washed dishes. Once it chipped, the show was all over. I wish that this product worked, I really do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t and it isn’t worth purchasing. I think that you could get the same amount of wear time from a regular nail polish, so this is pretty gimmicky. After one use, I think I’m going to try to return this to the store. It just isn’t worth it for me to keep as I will always pick a different polish over this one.