November 2015 Favorites


Career of Evil By: Robert Galbrith (Review)

The Marvels by Brian Selznick

Ten Thousand Skies Above You By: Claudia Gray (Review)

Winter Stroll By: Elin HIlderbrand

November 9 By: Colleen Hoover

Christmas Cravings By: Emma Hamilton (Review)

Favorite Book I Read This Month: I think this month I have to go with Ten Thousand Skies Above You. While Career of Evil is a close second, I think Ten Thousand Skies stands out just a bit more. I was really looking forward to this sequel, and in a year where not many books have impressed me, this one definitely did. If you haven’t checked out the Firebird series, I highly recommend it.


LOC One & Done Eyeshadow stick in Impress Me

I received this in my November Birchbox and I have really fallen in love with it. It’s a beautiful color and goes on smoothly. It may not have the greatest staying power I’ve ever seen, but it holds its own. Plus, it’s not ridiculously expensive (only $10). I hope to receive more of their products in future Birchbox’s!


Bath and Body Works Candles

I love fall and winter just because of these candles! I am a big candle person, and I get super excited every time their fall and winter scents come out. It’s especially worth it during Black Friday, but they have 2 for $24 pretty often.

Fleece Leggings/Tights

I bought a pair of fleece leggings at TJ Maxx last year and immediately regretting not buying more than one pair. This year I bought three different pairs and I am loving them. While they seem to be a bit thinner than the ones I bought last year (more like tights than leggings) they are still great for layering. I know they’re going to come in helpful when we go to Iceland!

Columbia Hexbreaker Mid Jacket

Speaking of Iceland, I purchased a new winter coat! I live in the Chicago land area and winters here are brutal. I have had a down coat for the past 3 winters and it’s been great, but it’s on the short side. I was on the lookout for a down jacket that would cover my butt, keep me warm, and still let me move. I have 100% found that in this jacket. The length that I wanted was difficult to find, as I didn’t want something that went to my knees. This jacket also is very light but is amazingly warm. It also has a detachable hood. The only thing that would make this jacket better is thumb holes! It is a bit pricey ($250), but if you live in Chiberia or an area that has polar vortexes, it's worth the investment.


Hallmark Christmas Movies

The season of Christmas Movies is upon us! I absolutely love Hallmark Christmas movies. They are fun, light hearted, and just so warming and comforting. They are cheesy for sure, and totally predictable, but that is what makes them so wonderful. I think my two favorites so far have been Ice Sculpture Christmas (don’t judge it by its name!) and Crown for Christmas. There have been some other good ones too and I can’t wait for the rest of them.


I am so enjoying this show! I know some people don’t like it and they say it’s not good, but I am really enjoying it. Yes it’s a little melodramatic, but that’s what makes it so good! I love all of the characters and the twists are really keeping me on my toes.