I gave up...

I’m not typically one to give up on books once I’ve started them. I usually power through. However, this year I have given up on a handful of book. Mostly they’ve been books 'I’ve been offered to review and I feel terrible about giving up on them. But I think I just have gotten to a point where if I’m not enjoying a book, why am I going to force myself to read it? There are so many books out there that I want to read, why am I going to waste my time on those I don’t?

Now, my standards for giving up on a book are still pretty high, and I even sometimes require permission from my friends to give up, but I think I’m getting a bit better. Because I am not one to typically post negative reviews, especially when I don’t finish a book (I find that a little unfair), I thought I’d just list the books I gave up on so far this year. Fingers crossed there aren’t any more!

The Little Shop of Found Things By: Paula Brackston

I gave up on this book because it was just moving too slow for me. I was 50% of the way through and felt like nothing had happened and I didn’t care about the characters enough to keep waiting.

The High Season By: Judy Blendell

This was another one that I was about halfway through and jut didn’t care about the characters enough to keep going. They irritated me and I couldn’t root for them. I didn’t care whether they got a happy ending or if they got their just desserts, so I quit.

Killer Choice By: Tom Hunt

This was the first book I gave up on this year and I gave up at 65% after much debate and discussion with my friends. I really tried to power through but it was such a relief when I finally gave up. This book was one I gave up on because it just wasn’t my kind of story. I couldn’t quite connect with it even though I could objectively look at it and say that it is well written. It could be a good story for others, but just not for me.

Have you ever given up on a book before? Are you someone who gives up easily or someone who powers through?