Am I reading good books?

Last year was the first time since I set a Goodreads challenge that I didn’t meet it. I had a bit of a rough year life wise, so I know that contributed to a slow in reading pace, but I also felt like looking back on the year, I couldn’t think of a ton of great books I read. Because of that, I wanted to do a bit of a review of my ratings of books last year, as well as what my ratings were like so far this year (as we’re already about 25% of the way through 2019!)

I did a Ratings Review back in the beginning of 2017, which you can check out too.

2018 Star Ratings.png

I honestly was a bit surprised by how many 4-star books I read in 2018. I would’ve thought 3 star would’ve been my majority, but it was a close second. It did make me a little sad to see how low my 5-star ratings were. I had almost an equal amount of 5-star books as I did 1-star books which doesn’t make me happy.

I think I’ve learned that while 4-star books at the time are good and enjoyable, that they end up being a little forgettable over time.

2019 Star Rating.png

Now, I know that I’ve only read 15 books this year so far, compared to the 78 that were rated n 2018, but I’m hopeful with the way the trend is going. No 1-star books so far this year and only 2 2-star books. Also, 3 5-star books by the end of March seems pretty good to me!

I did look back on my previous Ratings Review and saw that, unfortunately, it seems like my 5-star ratings have been on a down trend for a while. I don’t know if that’s just because of the blog and reading more critically, having some life stuff happen and impacting my enjoyment, or just the fact that I’m reading more books that have been sent to me for review as opposed to picking out my own books.

I do think I want to make it more of a goal to read more books of my own choosing and not as many review books, but I know that at least through June I have a pretty long list of to-review books. One positive thing is that a lot of the books I’ve been asked to review in the future are ones I wanted to read anyway.

Do you keep track of your books on Goodreads? Have you checked out your reading patterns?